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These are the modules available in OfficeCentral. OfficeCentral has been developed modular-based so you can choose which module(s) you need.


How to get Maximum Benefits by using OfficeCentral
to help you grow your business.


OfficeCentral is here to help you to become more successful manufacturer. You may use some of our standard solutions or you may want us to customise certain module for you. Call us for more detailed discussion.

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Human Resources Management

OfficeCentral ERP has a comprehensive HR management system is provided where all staff can be managed online such as Staff Profile and History, Leave management, Shift Management, Staff Advances, Claims, Movement, Training Needs Analysis and many more.

In the Staff Profile, your employees can access their data, apply leave, submit claims and more just by going online! Save papers and save time on documentation and approval process.

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Payroll Management

OfficeCentral gives you an easy to use payroll management even when you have thousands of staff and complicated payroll processes. The modules provided are Staff Salary Profile, Automated Bank transfer files for various banks and etc.

OfficeCentral Payroll complies to the local authorities' requirements and calculations for Malaysia and Indonesia country.

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OfficeCentral Accounting Module provides you with very comprehensive and powerful features and functions such as Flexible chart of account, Revenue module, Expenses Module, Reports – P&L, BS, Ledger, Trial balance, Cash flow, MPERS compliant reports, SAGA Compliant report and etc.

We also provides Automated Accounting, which connects to the other modules so that accounting transactions can be generated automatically, so you can reduce time on data entry duties.

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Customer Relationship Management

Powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that will help you to become more successful in your sales management and growth, such as Leads Intelligence, Account History, Sales Process Automations, Sales KPI and many more.

By using OfficeCentral CRM, you can also provide Customer Portal to your customers, where your customers can access to view invoices and receipts issued to them easily, whenever they need them! Reduce administrative costs with OfficeCentral.

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Point of Sales (POS)

OfficeCentral Point-of-Sale (POS) is available on cloud and on tablet. The tablet version can operate even when there is no internet. The modules provided are Pricebook, POS operation, Payment modes, Integrated with Accounting and Inventory.

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OfficeCentral Procurement module provides you with powerful and easy to use procurement processes. Purchasing module are integrated with budget and Accounting modules.

The advanced edition also has Tendering Module such as Evaluation and Approval Process.

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KPI Management

OfficeCentral KPI Management is a cloud-based KPI management solution specifically designed for organizations that are looking to manage their employees’ performance data online easily.

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Budget Management

OfficeCentral provides very powerful Budget module and omplies with the government budget process. Inside budget module there are Chart of Accounts, Budget Applications, Budget Reports and more. This module is integrated with Accounting, Purchasing, Claims, etc.

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Investment Management

OfficeCentral Investment module provides you with comprehensive investment process and monitoring such as investment register, Process Income, Projected Income also integrated with Accounting.

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Assets Management

OfficeCentral provides very powerful Asset module and complies with the government asset management processes. This module allows you to Register Assets, View Asset History, View various of Reports and in KEWPA forms (Malaysia government's forms) and more.

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Integrated System

OfficeCentral provides your company with an integrated system that will result in efficiency in operation. You no longer need to waste time having to do double data key in into various systems and tracking where your information is located. Save time, save resources and reduce your headache with OfficeCentral Cloud ERP!

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